We’ve got some big innovations and accomplishments to boast about. These weren't solo feats and tremendous credit goes out to many wonderful teammates and collaborators who helped make these happen. Here are some of our greatest hits...

Netscape’s First Web Site
The First White House Web Site
The First Banner Ad Ever Created...  AT&T
The First Online Ad Network... DoubleClick, which was created 
at Poppe Tyson and spun out as an independent company
The First (and only) ANDY Award for a Simple Banner Ad... Lycos
The First Cybercast... the Indy 500 for Valvoline
The First Live Halloween Online Concert...
KISS on Pepsi World
The First Database Driven Corporate Site... GE
The First Online Showroom... Cadillac
The First Commercial Intranet... GE
The First Personalized Web Site... Dow Chemical
The First Artificial Intelligent Site... The Milk Mystic / Milk Moustache
Several of the Most Successful e-Commerce SItes... 
Priceline, JCPenney, Best Buy, Sephora, Amtrak
One of the Most Attended And Written About Online Events...  
Kasparov vs Deep Blue
The Most Viral Campaign Ever... Whassup !
The First (and Best) Car Sharing Brand... Zipcar
The First MMOG for kids... Disney’s Toontown
McDonald’s First Global Digital Strategy
The Greatest Use of Texting...  American Idol / AT&T
One of the Most Successful Loyalty Programs... Pepsi Stuff
The Most Beloved and Magical Site in the World... Disney.com