Welcome Aboard
Young Brands is for ambitious brands of all shapes, sizes and stages. We enjoy working with fast-moving companies who are young at heart and those looking to regain their youthful spirit and success. 
The sheer number of channels and possibilities to drive commerce are expanding exponentially. There are all varieties of e-commerce, m-commerce, g-commerce, t-commerce, micropurchases, blockchain economies and real-world retail, from advertising and merchandising to checkout counter. It takes a maestro to orchestrate the right commerce mix. We look for that. And we help with that. 
Every brand is a community. We look for opportunities where vast highly-involved audiences can gather, interact and scale around their own interests, passions and lifestyles. We look to build buzz and talk value. And incite customer participation and creativity. It takes a heapload of care and attention to foster a vibrant growing community. And it may be the best thing you ever do for your brand and business.
We adore brands positioned at the forefront of media, entertainment and technology. Innovators in every sense. Recently we’ve helped folks in next-gen TV, mobile, social, games, ecommerce, eSports, messaging, publishing, edutainment, mediatech, adtech, healthtech, foodtech, traveltech, musictech, neurotech, mixed reality (ar/vr/mr/xr), wearables, IOT, voice, smartcars, robotics, and more. And we push them even further.
We’ve worked with new ventures, growth stage initiatives, buy and build strategies, acquisitions and roll-ups. Launches, relaunches and rejuvenations. Public. Private. And Stealth. From feisty grassroot underdogs to smash-hit IPOs and beyond. The one big thing that differentiates these superstars all from the rest is Mission. So, how are YOU going to change the world?
Check out our Experience Page to see some of the wonderful brands we’ve worked with.
There’s so much fantastic art, science and innovation emerging each day, eager to be put to good use. We’re attracted by smart people and smart platforms powered by realtime, actionable insights into human nature. Big and small data, machine learning, actual and artificial intelligence, research and analytics. All to improve people’s lives and make the world a better, more enjoyable place.
We enjoy helping brands get closer to their customers and vice-versa. We’re attracted to emerging ecosystems whose potential to span content, commerce and community can serve burning customer wants and needs. Many are building proprietary consumer and enterprise products and distribution platforms (from smart devices to prescient AI-driven networks) with a real human fit.
Everything comes down to the team. We work with nice, smart, driven partners and help them do incredible things. Their authenticity, enthusiasm and superpowers are totally inspiring. It's what sets them apart. These good people are who we're for and what we’re really about.
Move fast and make things. You know each day brings countless needs and challenges - like making a remarkable product that delights customers, crafting an agile business strategy, attracting a rockstar team, or building a world-famous brand. A growing business has to constantly deploy bold new ideas just to survive. And if you hope to grab the world’s attention, interest and engagement, it all has to be amazing.
Young Brands brings a ton of experience and skills to help companies succeed and be famous. As a hands-on advisory, we work with our partners in many capacities. We’re usually called to fill fractional CEO, CSO, COO, CMO, CCO, CDO, CXO roles and then some. We’re often hunkered in with the team collaborating on the business, or we’re on the board helping define and drive the strategy, or we're coaching and mentoring the leadership to build strength, smarts and resilience. Moving fast and making things. That’s what makes us happy.
Here are some of the ways we help our partners...
Create and sustain a nimble brand, product and business strategy to help chart the company’s course and accelerate its development in the marketplace. From grassroots to IPO and beyond.
Help research and develop actionable insights into key constituents (customers, partners, etc), and markets (local to global). Cultivate opportunity. Grow like crazy. .
Inject creative thinking and process into every aspect of the brand and business, from the product offering to the customer experience and communication.
Champion deep, meaningful collaboration and innovation throughout the organization and amongst partners.
Recruit and inspire an impassioned, motivated and highly-skilled team that will totally rock the universe.
Develop a tightly focused product plan, architecture and offering; working together through every stage of product development - from napkin doodle to launch and beyond.
Develop strategic partnerships and joint ventures. Help network and work with outside resources such as VC/PE firms, pr shops, marketing agencies, merchant bankers, accountancies, recruiters, etc.
Execute a brand-building, customer-attracting marketing plan. Plan and roll-out go-to-market activities, from test market to global market. And incite a lively, involved, ever-growing, ever-lasting customer base.
Craft and hone your pitch, presentations and marketing to customers, investors, press, partners, employees and other constituents.
Ongoing leadership coaching and mentorship.
Define and enact the brand’s foundation, strategic positioning, values and signature traits.
Achieve and promote brand, product, market and thought leadership (and transformation) in every regard.
Architect a bankable and executable M&A plan.
Develop short and long-term capital plans. Help create fundraising materials to attract the right kind of investor and investment (decks, demos, dataroom, etc).
Attract and activate an involved, value-adding Board of Directors and Advisors.