Our Network
We work with an elite group of creative experts who help our partners develop radical advantages in the marketplace.
  • • Brand & Business Architects
  • • Designers and Writers
  • • Ethnographers / Researchers
  • • Product Developers
  • • Engineers and Scientists
  • (experts in mediatech, mr/xr, games, commerce, ai, voice, blockchain, iot, machine learning, big data, analytics, etc)
  • • Financial Strategists
  • • Marketing Planners / Growth Hackers
  • • Media Strategists / Buyers
  • • UX and UI Experts
  • • Creative Production Specialists
  • (such as artists, photographers, filmmakers,
    animators, composers, editors, and others)
John Young
John Young
Young Brands is headed up by John Young, a consummate builder and mentor. John loves to help brands connect with people in remarkable ways – online, offline, mobile, social, in-store, on-screen, in-game, on-wrist... across every device and touchpoint in-between. Throughout his career, John has worked with fast growing companies needing to make extraordinary leaps forward. Partnering with CEO’s, their teams and boards, John helps the world’s most popular brands and products become even more successful. Disney, Pepsi, McDonald’s, Budweiser, Playstation, Hasbro, Microsoft, Comcast, IBM and Universal Pictures to name a few. Equally, John’s worked with newer brands like Zipcar, Priceline, Riot Games, American Idol and DoubleClick, to help them catapult 
from modest startups into much-loved, world-famous, billion-dollar brands. A trusted and valued advisor, John presently serves on the boards of several emerging mediatech and consumer brand companies. John helps them attract the talent, investment, partners and customers that fuel amazing growth. There's some more info about John here on LinkedIn.