Spreading Cheer

What a fantastic year it's been. Right? There's so much to be grateful for and so many friends to thank. If that's you... well, thank YOU!! On the work side, our longtime partners, like Earplay, Mightier and 50 Skills, are doing amazing things and have been growing like crazy. We're so proud of all their accomplishments this year and are so eager to see what's coming next. Young Brands also has neat stuff cooking with some stealthy startups and gigantic global powerhouses. Super cool world-changing things we can't talk about (yet) but oh, it's so exciting to be involved and helping. Lastly and mostly, we're so glad that you are here. Right now. Reading this. Thanks so much for coming by. We hope your year is filled with friendships, inspirations and fun!

Happy 2019 Everyone!

John Young is a creative leader, brand innovator, and advisor to growing businesses of all sorts, sizes and stages.